Thursday, April 9, 2009

Billy Batson finale

Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM! #4
This is sadly the final issue of this arc. I could honestly watch Cap and Black Adam slug it out for a few more issues. I understand that Mike Kunkel is working full time at Disney and doing his own thing, it's just a shame this book is not monthly. I love the way the paneling style just flows; it almost makes it look like a cartoon, which Kunkel excels at. I digress, in this issue Captain Marvel and his sister Mary finally thwart Black Adam with the help of the Wizard. The Marvel family tricks Black Adam into fighting the sin of Selfishness and eventually turns him back into Theo Adam. Quickly, the Wizard makes him forget all what has transpired and with the assist by Mary, makes him think that his favorite animals are unicorns and how he loves to blow bubbles. Simple Kunkel sense of humor, and it pays off. The one gripe, besides the book not being monthly, is the huge error on the front page. Wisdom of...Samson? Oh well, I'll chalk it up to exhaustion on Kunkel's part, but his editor should have caught that. I'm hoping these issues are coming out in a trade format. At least that way, my Christmas shopping will be a lot easier. SHAZAM!

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