Thursday, April 16, 2009

Char and Bub. Just killer.

Clash of the Titans was a huge inspiration for, mainly in my character design for Bub the clockwork owl. Char is the commander of the Agency of Chronological Enforcement, or ACE. I have no real vision for my characters when I write them. I toss back a few ideas, and then the words manifest into their visual aspects. Char was designed by Lew after I told him she sounds like a mixture of Nick Fury and Storm with a hint of Emma Frost. A strong leader and compassionate, but has a cruel streak she tries to hide. An excellent sharpshooter and quite skilled in close-quarter combat.

This pin-up was colored by Chris Shields. I've been re-writing some of the pages and seriously trying to get this off the ground. Somehow. Ka-Blaam will be at FX this weekend, so I can get some rates on self-publishing.

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