Saturday, April 18, 2009

Esriprus deedni!

Ugh. This rocks my tiny nerd face. Hard. Zatanna by Gene Gonzales.

Color me beyond surprised. So, I went to the FX Show in Orlando this weekend and I was going to pick up a couple of pieces for a friend of mine, Chris Shields. Well, it turns out one of the pieces was actually for me. Knowing what a huge Zatanna fan I am...ugh, you have no idea. Thanks so much, man! The thing is I couldn't find a protectant to carry it around in, so Gene just let it hang out at his booth. I finally got a plastic carrier from Laura Martin and went to put the piece in it. Apparently, everyone who visited his booth wondered if they could buy it. Seriously, killer.

Ted Naifeh didn't bring the Zatanna to the con, since he's going to work on it from home and put as much love in it as I have for the character. I know he'll deliver.

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