Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I need to invest in a scanner.

So the FX Show is done and had some serious fun. Networked a bit and met a few new friends through the awesome that is art collecting.

So let's see the new pieces in the collection:

"Red Riding Hood and Wolf" by Ted Naifeh. Beyond what I had hoped for. It's from the new sketchbook. It makes me want to write. Something a mix of "Grim Kingdoms" but with a modern twist, so it wouldn't sound too much like Fables.

I was just talking about this piece in a previous post. I finally got it colored by Laura Martin and it looks spectacular. She even went over George's inks that he wasn't too proud of and it elevated the sketch to a new level. She really loved the idea and dug Lew's style.

The pictures were taken with Amanda's camera phone. We've known we needed a scanner/printer for a while, we just need to find one on the cheap-cheap. Though for the Naifeh piece, since it's bigger (11 x 14) we'd have to find something big/cheap, which I don't think really happens. I wish Kinko's would stop being such hard asses about scanning art. Yes, I know it's a copyright deal, but still, how else are us art collector's supposed to have good pictures of our collections? *Napolean voice* Gosh!

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