Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wheel of Time #0: Dragonmount

Yes, it's a bit old, but somehow I missed it. As a HUGE "Wheel of Time" fan, anybody who wants to adapt James Rigney Jr.'s, aka Robert Jordan's, epic fantasy series will have to do a lot to impress me. This attempt by the Dabel Brothers is an okay start. Not mind-blowing, but not having me want to use balefire on it (that's a reference for all the WoT fans out there). Now when I bought it, I thought I was just going to get a straight adaptation of the prologue from the first book, "The Eye of the World," entitled Dragonmount. In actuality, it's that AND and some of the story from "EotW," which was re-released as two separate books aimed at a younger market, with larger text and a handful of illustrations. One of these included an additional prologue entitled "Ravens," focusing on Egwene al'Vere, which is what shown in the comics. Chuck Dixon's adaptation is pretty good, almost word for word from Jordan's works.The main complaint I have is the art. The panel construction is a little sloppy and all the male faces look alike. I know Rand from his red hair, but that's about it. There is room for improvement and time will tell if that comes to fruition. I'd recommend it for people who have been curious about wanting to get into the series, it explains the backstory pretty well and will hopefully continue to do so. I recommend that WoT fans like myself give it, at least, a try.

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