Saturday, July 18, 2009

Justice League Casting Call Part One

I've had this idea in my head for a while now. With the recent casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan, and with Brandon Routh's Superman contract expiring, will we ever see a Justice League movie, sort of how Marvel is getting the Avengers together?

Probably not in the next decade or so. But I'm not a major Hollywood casting agent *cough*yet*cough*, so I just want to have some fun here.

Okay, let's start with a new Superman.

Adam Scott. He has a pretty impressive resume, though I just discovered him on the show "Tell me you love me", which was a somewhat hit for HBO a while back. He has the stature, though he's my height, but camera tricks can work around that. He's pretty built, but put homeboy here on a workout regime and it'll be pretty good. He has the voice as well. In "Tell me", he played somewhat a mousy character named Palek, who reminded me a lot of Clark.

Now Batman...


I kind of refuse to recast Batman. Bale has owned this role since before he even had it. Check out "Equilibrium" if you want to know what I mean.

Now on to Wonder Woman. I refuse to case some 20-something as Diana. It doesn't seem right. Especially somebody like Meghan Fox or...yeah. So I went with another Megan. Megan Gale. Standing in at 5'11" and with a body that just doesn't stop, I think she'd be perfect, in addition to her "unknown" status so you could imagine her BEING Wonder Woman and not anybody else. I think she works on so many levels. The body, the face, the stature. She's not some lame, skinny 20-something WASP. I'm sure they'd redesign her costume a bit.

Now this guy was my pick to play Thor. Mainly because, you know, he actually has Nordic roots. I digress. Alexander Johan Hjalmar SkarsgÄrd, or just Alex Skarsgard is my choice to play Aquaman. Now, Aquaman is an interesting choice for any JL movie, but I think with the "green movement" on everybody's mind and "going green" is a buzz phrase, I'm sure Hollywood wouldn't have a problem putting him in. He's a noble character that just never seems to find a great writer that lasts more than 20 issues or so. He's basically King Arthur...underwater. Literally. The entire ocean is his kingdom! I think he's underrated and would fit right in.

I'm being a little bias here including Zatanna into the fray, but I think Ms. Zooey as Z would totally work. Nobody, in my eyes, could do it better. Even if it's just a bit role, for example let's say Bruce goes to her asking to be on this new team, but she refuses for two reasons. A) It'd be time away from her job, since crime-fighting doesn't pay the rent and B) it would distract her from looking for her father, who has mysteriously disappeared. I'm ALL for this. Plus her in that outfit? Yes please.

Since Cooper here didn't get the Green Lantern role, I decided he'd be just as good as Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. I had originally thought it'd be kind of cool to put in Conner Hawke instead for a number of reasons: the team was looking for new blood, we already have a rich tycoon in tights, Connor and Zatanna would have something in common with their missing fathers and possibly a story involving her actually joining, but whatever. I figured if you had Hal, you'd have to have Ollie here on the action. Though where as Batman is the brooding billionaire, Ollie is the more swashbuckling type. I'd totally write him as the old Errol Flynn type, too. Originally I was trying to see if Kin Shriner would work as Ollie, but I realized I just didn't think it would. Kin did the voice for GA on the JLU cartoon a few years back. It's the voice I hear when I read Ollie in anything. He looks a bit like him, too. Oh well.

That's it for now. Next time we'll discuss Flash, Martian Manhunter and a slew of cameos. Wesley Dodds? Ted Grant? Fire? Kyle Rayner?

Who knows.

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