Monday, February 22, 2010

(My fantasy) Avengers Assemble! Second Reveal....

The second member of my fantasy Avengers is...

Genis-Vell/Marvel's Captain Marvel/Photon

Probably the most cosmic character in the 616 Universe aside from Silver Surfer and the likes of him, comes Genis-Vell. He's basically Green Lantern and then some. There are many incarnations of this character, from a Kree warrior to a Green Lantern equivalent, to a cosmic champion that is one of a kind. I've always liked this design and just really dug the character. I mean, at one time he was stuck inside Rick Jone's body.

He's no longer Captain Marvel, but Photon. His current costume is alright, but a little too Starman for my taste.

I still think his powers and attitude are what a good team needs, especially on an Avengers team.

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