Friday, February 19, 2010

(My fantasy) Avengers Assemble! First Reveal

Avengers, Assemble!

The first member of my fantasy Avengers roster is...

The Mighty Thor.

I couldn't think of a more marvelous power house that comes from the House of Ideas. There's might, magic, and majesty. Sure the JLA has Superman (just not lately), and to think you have a god on your side probably boosts your ego a bit. I would imagine so, anyways. Thor's book now is simply fantasy as it's best and I also couldn't think of a better leader of my team than the Odinson. He's been seen in numerous versions of the Avengers team, also serving as a founding member.

It's easy to see why I would choose the God of Thunder here.

(Art provided by George Marston of If This Be Sketchblog fame, and Heir to the Realm of Majesty)

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Elizabeth said...

I love Thor. I want a plushie of him. :D