Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face #2

Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face #1
Written by David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky
Art by Carmine Di Giadomenico
Letters by David Lanphear
Cover by Patrick Zircher
Published by Marvel Comics
Review by Lan Pitts

"You'll notice my boys aren't using their cannons. I want you alive when I split you open and your guts spill out on the floor." -- the Crime Master

This series just became a bit more intense, while keeping the action to a minimal, but heavy on the set up and great climax. Spider-Man continues his hunt for the Crime Master, all the while keeping a close eye on Felicia Hardy, and eventually having to find his friend Robbie who has gone missing. Spider-Man also sweats out a minor player who was a Don Moretti associate and closes his shop. For good. Things don't look well for Robbie as he was kidnapped by the Dr. Octavius (who, in case you missed it last time, is a Nazi scientist in this universe), who is experimenting on the "inferior races".

There is a lot of plot going on here, but Hine and Sopolsky does a fine balancing act without taking any bumps. They've taken the noir idea, but I think the word "pulp" really defines this sort of story more accurately. This issue really concentrates on Octavius' origin and just briefly touches on a bit of the Crime Master's back story. Of course, Hine and Sopolsky are aided by a visually gifted talent like Giadomenico, and everything looks and feels solid. His kinetic style captures Spider-Man's movements and really knows how to panel a fight scene and even handles the subtle moments with an easy touch.

I've had fun with the "noir" series Marvel has put out thus far and, pardon the pun, but this team has really spun a creative web and sucked me in, even if it is weird to see Spider-Man holding a gun. Even if you haven't given this a try, I suggest you should. It's fun and exciting, even if it does take place during one of America's darkest times.

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