Friday, January 15, 2010

Batman Rogues a la Ted Naifeh

How awesome are these?

They have a slight slight deviation, but he's put your own spin on the characters, but still kept their collective vibe. Everybody wants to do a Joker story, but how would he put his imagery to that character? It's not about going outside the box to get noticed, because then he risks the backlash of the die hards. Personally, I'd love how he'd handle Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy.

But Ivy is a bit tricky. What route do you go with? I personally hate how Jim Lee did her and how she's green. She looks like She-Hulk or she's seasick. Just, really hate that look and disagree on how that represents her. I do love how Alex Ross and Tim Sale have done with her.

Freeze though? He was a scientist, with a tragic story, not some body builder. I hate it when artists give him this hulking silhouette, but that's just me.

I'd love to see him take on the Batgirl book. It's fun, and there is a lot of interaction between the Bat family, so there's a chance to draw Batgirl, Babs, Robin, Batman, and maybe a Bat-villain (Scarecrow just popped up).

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Chris Shields said...

These are SICK. I'd love to see more. While I disagree with you about the design on Jim Lee's version of Ivy, I do agree that she shouldn't be green. I just don't like Sale's or Ross' representation of Ivy. I think Hughes depiction of Ivy is the best, and while her skin color shouldn't be green, it also shouldn't be a healthy color either. A pale, almost neutral color suits her best IMO.