Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Legendary Talespinners #2

Legendary Talespinners #2
Written by James Kuhoric
Art by Grant Bond
Letters by Bill Tortolini
Covers by Nick Bradshaw and Grant Bond
Published by Dynamite Entertainment
Review by Lan Pitts

"You don't know what you're talking about. I'm not a legendary anything. I'm just a student who is apparently having freaky hallucinations."

Having really enjoyed the first installment of Legendary Talespinners, I eagerly waited the next chapter and it continues to "spin" a pretty wonderful story. When we last saw our protagonist, Abby, she was falling into a magic mirror with the unknown on the other side. We see that on the other side is a fairy tale kingdom that has gone to ruin. The legendary Baron von M√ľnchhausen, along with Tinkerbelle (who looks like her best friend Tina) and one of Snow White's dwarves explain to Abby what has happened to their homeland. From there the adventure goes on and ends on quite the cliffhanger much like the previous issue.

This story touches on principles about losing a childhood, regaining your imagination, and having that place in your heart for such stories on many levels. While Abby faces the difficult reality of her being washed away to a make-believe land, it's up to her on whether that realm withers away, much like how most stories disappear if not passed on to a younger generation. A good message to send in such a format that could be given to young readers since this book is a fantastic middle road between Tiny Titans and X-Men.

Again, Grant Bond's art compliments the story and fits with James Kuhoric's imaginative world. Fans of Stuff of Legend, Fables, and The 10th Kingdom (does anybody else remember that?) are sure to be delighted by this tale. My one complaint is that this is the second part of three issues, so I still have this lingering annoyance that it's almost over, but hopefully the creative team would come back to this world if given the chance. There should always be room on the shelves for these sort of books.

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