Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Truth About Dr. True

Salt Water Taffy: The Truth About Dr. True
Written and Art by: Matthew Loux
Published by Oni Press
Review by Lan Pitts

Available 9/30/09

Matt Loux is a busy man these days. His Salt Water Taffy series is making new fans, and launching its own website featuring weekly webstrips by both Matthew and artists who are fans of the series. However, the big news is is that after a year of waiting Loux returns with Salt Water Taffy: The Truth About Dr. True.

Now, I'm all about comics getting back into kid's hands, and this book series is a perfect place to start. The Salt Water Taffy series stars two young brothers named Jack and Benny Putnam who live in the fictional town of Chowder Bay, Maine. The series is in the tradition of the Hardy Boys, but a little more extravagant, like the Scooby-Doo gang.

In The Truth About Dr. True, the boys uncover a centuries-old mystery concerning the town's founder and greatest hero and how he might not be as he appears in the history books. Along with investigating a 19th century murder, an infamous elixir, and two unusual ghosts, the boys discover that Chowder Bay not be as boring as they originally thought. It's a good read, with an easy-to-follow mystery, and my personal favorite thing about it: it's approachable for kids who are either just starting to read, or starting to read comics. It's a win-win situation for the potential parental buyer looking for a good book to give to their children.

Now another thing that grabbed my attention was the art style. It's in black and white and very simplistic. It reminds something in the cartoonish style of Dexter's Laboratory meets Tiny Titans. Though Loux's figure construction is in the more animated style, his landscapes and houses are incredible and immaculate. In addition to the fine storytelling it's the fact you get a lot of bang for your buck. Over 90 pages for under six dollars. Plus, it's in the digest form, so you or your little one could carry it around pretty easily.

Salt Water Taffy: The Truth About Dr. True hits store shelves next week. I highly recommend you pick it up, you will not regret it.

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