Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sorta old news. Kirk's dad is Odin's son.

It has been officially announced: Chris Hemsworth, who recently portrayed James Kirk's father, George Kirk in the box office smash "Star Trek" is the one worthy enough to wield the hammer of Thor. The 25-year-old Australian hunk is a virtual unknown here in the United States. However he played the character of Kim Hyde on 171 episodes of "Home and Away", the successful TV series chronicling the lives and loves of the residents of Summer Bay, a small Aussie coastal town. He also just snagged the lead in the "Red Dawn" remake for United Artists on Thursday and currently filming Joss Whedon's horror flick "Cabin In The Woods" for UA. I'm surprised Hemsworth is the one, he beat out fan-favorite Alexander Skarsgard for the role, who I also wanted to wield the hammer and armor. Director Kenneth Branagh had announced that his Thor's casting was close to be being called earlier this month, so it was only a matter of time. Marvel Studios has scheduled Thor for a May 2011 release.

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