Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was up early this morning...

...just to be sure I didn't over sleep to see the Oscar noms, and I have to say I am fairly disappointed with the Academy right now. Let's be honest. People are going to remember 'The Dark Knight' twenty years down the road, while those other movies up for the Best Picture will be lucky to be late night re-runs on TBS.

Oh, well. Oscar will take the digger for this in the form of ratings. whatever.

So here's the breakdown, to keep it official:

Best Supporting Actor (Heath Ledger)
Art Direction
Film Editing
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing
Visual Effects

"Nominated for 8 Academy Awards" still has a nice ring to it, but...

Wall-E got a best Screenplay nom? REALLY?!? I fell asleep through that movie. Twice.

I mean Nolan and TDK gets nominated by the DGA and PGA and STILL gets shut out? They're practically the same voters. Congrats to Downey, jr. though. First nomination is almost two decades.

The supporting actress category was damn predictable. I could have called that in my sleep, but I didn't have to since I was right on all of them. The surprise is that The Reader - which got some awful reviews, even for Winslet's acting - was the fifth nominee. But these are all, with the exception of Slumdog Millionaire, standard Oscar films: two biopics, a Holocaust-related films and the sort of star-studded socially aware film Hollywood loves to thank itself for making (if also a fantasy).

I hope Slumdog wins, just because it's from outside the system. But I haven't seen any of these, and odds are I won't for a long time, if ever. It makes me wish there was some good TV shows out there.

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